please help please help 18 and pregnant

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please help please help 18 and pregnant

Is this a sign of acid reflux or wrong diagnose?
i have been gaining weight. i went from 170 to 208. i missed 2 cycles already. i have pain all in my stomach especially at night. i cant lay on my stomach or side i gotta lay on my back. my appetite usually dont pick up until the evening because i mostly be sleep alot. i dont like foods i use to like...if i cant taste it that means i dont want it. i am sensitive to smells now i cant stand to smell anything because its too strong. it feels like my nostrils are wide opening. i took an ept equate pregnancy test days ago and it was very faint positive. (-) the line was light pink and the control was a dark pink (I). the doctor said that means im very early in pregnancy the last time i had sex was july 25th and i missed my cycle again. for weeks i been trying to find out if im pregnant or not. they cant seem to pick it up through urine or blood work but you can look at me and feel my stomach and tell i am pregnant. so they are going to do an ultrasound FINALLY. has anyone experienced this. i had friends who was told they wasnt pregnant but actually was. why would the equate ept test lie to me...i used it right. i had acid reflux but its been a minute but i didnt have a bad case of it. i barely even eat fried or hot stuff or anything now because i dont have the taste or the crave for it and i wasnt eating it before then. i have alot more pregnancy symptoms to.i discharge more often. i get tired alot. i dont think this is acid reflux.

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Wow it is weird that the pregnancy doesn't show up with a blood test but does on a home pregnancy test???? KUP after your u/s. Good luck.

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If the blood test is negative, then I would assume something else is going on and I would speak with your doctor again. A blood test is going to pick up hcg before an hpt would.

Good luck.

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I agree with Marla, the blood test is WAY more accurate than the ept. There is a slight chance that you can obtain a false positive on an EPT (although rare it does happen) and there is a warning about it in the instructions. KUP on what's going on! Hope you it all works out! :bigarmhug: Good Luck!

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It could be a number of reasons. First, you can't have a false positive pregnancy test. It could be (and this is reaching) that you're pregnant and it's an ectopic pregnancy, which is why you're still gaining weight and causing pain... but it could be anything. I'm glad that you're getting an U/S though, so that you can know for sure...