Positions for gender?
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Thread: Positions for gender?

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    Default Positions for gender?

    Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Have any of you tried a particular 'position' helped you select your baby's gender? If so, please let me know if it worked!

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    We followed the shettles method after our DD in hopes of getting a boy. It worked! But, I honestly think it was likely more due to timing than position. Interesting theory and a quick read if you are interested in reading the book by doctor shettles called how to choose the sex of your baby.
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    There's also some very interesting information about how the ph balance of a woman's vagina affects gender selection. So basically you douche with a vinegar-based rinse to increase your odds one way, and with a baking soda-based rinse to increase your odds the other way. I'm not going to attempt that Google search on my work computer!
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