Post partum PUPPS

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Post partum PUPPS

Just wondering if anyone has suffered from PUPPS in the post partum period? My little man is now coming up to eight weeks old, and I've still got the INSANELY itchy rash. Im using a steroid cream at night, taking dandelion root capsules, drinking nettle tea, using pine tar in the shower and then using an oatmeal enriched moisturiser. If I keep all of that up on a daily basis, then it's manageable. I still get 3-4 new ones every day though, but that's much better than the 10+ it was up to. In the first few weeks I lost count of how many there were after 80, and I think that's a mild case.
Anyhoo, I just wanted to hear anyone else's story. Ta.

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I'm soooooo sorry that you are dealing with this. I'll reach out to a friend what suffered from this after birth as well to discover what suggestions she may have to offer. I know she took the dandelion root capsules but can't remember what dosage. I also recall her sharing that she got some relief from Noxema face cream. If I learn more I will let you know.

Has your doctor ruled out it being anything else? If you haven't been seen again please do make sure that they verify that it is PUPPS as there are medical issues that mimic the same symptoms.

Hope you find relief soon!