Postpartum - how soon... ?

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Postpartum - how soon... ?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Love this as anonymous! LOL Personal question! How soon after giving birth did you resume normal 'relations' with your partner? We have loved sex during pregnancy (I'm planning ahead!) and are hoping that it will continue to be this way after birth. Thanks!

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Honestly, it was only about two weeks with DD. :oops: But she was a c-section so even though there was a ton of tenderness, there wasn't so much in that whole normal relations region, kwim? And with my son it was about three weeks. My midwife said as long as the heavy flow of red blood had stopped, we were OK if I felt like it.

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With the first several months, with the second 14 days and with the third 10 days. I felt ready, and it didn't hurt so why not?

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With my first I had horrible internal tearing and I think we didn't try for several months. That was so painful we didn't try again for another couple months. By about 10 months, I did it because I had the desire and I felt bad for my husband but it took a lot of warm up to get going and it still wasn't enjoyable. It took until about 18 months for me to enjoy it.

With my second, I was really apprehensive so we also waited a few months but it was fine right from the beginning.

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After my first, I was ready to go after a couple weeks (had an epistiotomy.) This time digging sex, mostly a hormonal issue leading to lack of drive, I can do it but I don't really want to.