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Thread: PPD?

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    Default PPD?

    Has anyone experienced PPD? If so, when did you ask for help and how did you know it was time to ask for help?

    After my DS was born I was completely stressed and out-of-control emotional. Inconsolable. This lasted for a long time - a several months to a year, if not longer. Looking back, now I realize I probably should have asked for help. After a few of my friends have recently had children and seeing them NOT go through what I did, I think I may have had PPD. I'm a little worried that the same thing will happen after my DD is born and I just want to be prepared this time and know when to ask for help.
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    I had something similar happen. Just being aware that something wasn't right after ds1 meant that I recognized it right when it started with ds2. Simple awareness does wonders. I also had ppd after my last m/c, and my mw recommended a vitamin d3 supplement. It really helped. Without the d3, I couldn't bring myself to leave bed in the morning, let alone parent my other two. With the d3, I was actually able to get through the motions of managing the household and caring for the boys.

    That said, make sure you have really clear lines of communication with you dh. If you're off, he'll probably know, and he's your first line of defense. I would also recommend contacting a mw or a doula, if you find yourself feeling down. If you have a dr you really trust, talk to them too--I haven't had a positive experience that way, so I shy away from drs.

    But, like I said, your awareness is going to help you a lot.
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    I agree with the PP. Just knowing you might have had it the first time will make a difference. Looking back on my son's birth I had PPD and had no idea. When my daughter was born I was very worried, but I was SO DIFFERENT - night and day. So you won't necessarily get it again and if you do, you should recognize it and be able to ask for help as soon as you see something is off!

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    Agreed with PPs.

    If you have an inkling something isn't right, go straight to your Dr to confirm your concerns.

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