Pregnancy symptoms but negative tests?

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Pregnancy symptoms but negative tests?

Answer Box: After having my son, I went on birth control for a year. I then stopped it two years ago while ttc. 4 months ago I had a miscarriage and now I haven't had a period for going on two months. I have heartburn, really bad cramps and sometimes my boobs are sore. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests two weeks ago. Both were negative. I'm not sure if I could be pregnant and it not show up or what's going on. Can anyone help answer this for me?

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If you are pregnant and if you did the test correctly, it would show a positive. If it's been two weeks since you last POAS, I'd suggest testing again and make sure you follow the instructions carefully because too much or too little urine can cause the test to malfunction. If it's negative, then you probably have one of the viruses going around right now that cause abdominal cramping; and sore boobs could be a sign of ovulation or even an unsupportive bra.