Pregnant & can't sleep!

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Pregnant & can't sleep!

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): 34 weeks pregnant and in tears as I'm exhausted. I simply can NOT get comfortable to sleep. PLEASE help!

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Have you tried pillows? You could ask your doctor about taking a sleeping pill. I know when I was pregnant and had bad morning sickness, a vitamin B combined with 1/2 a unisom pill is what my doctor told me to try first. So, maybe a sleeping pill would be ok and might help?! Otherwise, try to think of this as natures way of preparing you for the baby that will arrive soon and you initially you won't have much uninterupted sleep. HUGS! It is temporary!

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I second pillows, it may take 10 but it is possible.

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I'm in the same boat as you!

But I agree with pp that you should keep trying to find the right (for now) positioning of pillows. Can't promise it will help until the end of your pregnancy but at least you can get a few decent nights sleep.

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Yep, I'll agree with everyone else, you probably need more pillows! Blum 3 When I was pregnant, I slept on my side with a small pillow under my head, big pillows behind my back for support, another small pillow under my belly, and a pillow between my legs or my hips would kill me in the morning! If you need to roll over, get out of bed, rearrange all the pillows, and get back in. It seems like a PITA, but the pillows really do help, and it's actually a lot easier on your body to get out & get back in than to try to roll over, especially with all those pillows!

Another thing that would keep me awake was feeling the baby wiggling around, so I tried to keep baby asleep whenever I had to get up to use the bathroom. I kept nightlights on in the hallway & in the bathroom so I didn't have to turn on any lights, and I didn't flush the toilet. :oops: If it needed flushing, I'd send my DH in to do the job. Avoiding lights & noise would work about 75% of the time and I could get back into bed and back to sleep without all the irritating wiggles!

And finally, this is a great time to be practicing your labor relaxation techniques! Listen to Hypnobabies tracks or practice your Bradley Method focused relaxation or Lamaze cleansing breaths or whatever else you're planning to use during labor. Not much longer, and then you'll have a beautiful bundle of baby keeping you awake instead of aches & pains! Actually, that's a lie. :oops: Babies really do sleep a lot the first few weeks, it's just in 2-3 hour chunks. And they are well worth it! :bighug: