Pregnant?Not Sure?

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Pregnant?Not Sure?

Can anyone give me some advise? Not sure what to think.....I have not gotten my period yet this month.I'm supposed to be expecting it towards the end of October.On the 24th of october we had sex.My husband used a condom.And when we were done and he pulled out, we realized lots of semen had somehow come out up the sides,and I was very wet on the outside and I imagine it went in me,too. Sad Well,now that I remember I felt something warm while he was finishing.My concern is if I could possibly have a chance to be pregnant,having in mind that my period should be here soon..perhaps the 30th or 31st of october. We have 2 beautiful children. A 4 year-old and 2year-old.We havent been planning to have another one just yet.My children are too small and need our attention still.How soon can I know if I am pregnant? I'm sorry,I know I should know this stuff already, but nervous.

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Sounds like maybe the condom broke...too bad those suckers are not always 100% foolproof!!!!

If, as you say, you and your hubby DTD on October 24 (ie yesterday), and you really don't want to get pg, you are still within the window to get the Morning After Pill (it's called "Plan B" in Canada). Not sure how it works in the US, but here in Canada you can actually buy it over the counter - no prescription needed (just a private discussion with the pharmacist, where s/he gives you the low down on how to take it, effectiveness, etc). The longer you wait though, the less effective it is...I believe you have up to 72 hours.

But it sounds like you may have passed your ovulation window anyway, since you are pretty close to getting your period. There's no way to know that though unless you track your ovulation. I would think that you are probably in the "safe" zone, but who knows....crazier things have happened.

Some of the pregnancy tests out there (First Response, etc) can tell you a few days before your period is due, but they are not always accurate. Dollar store tests are pretty good too, and way less expensive. I got a faint positive on a dollar store test one day before my period was due.

Good luck, and keep us posted!!!!!! Whatever happens, it will all work out!!!!!!

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thank you so much! Well i'll follow your advice.And hope I'm not. If however I am, then there's not much to do then to welcome this little person. I guess the Lord knows why it does things,right? I'll keep ya posted,thanks again.

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Hi & welcome to! Smile

If you have a normal, 28 day cycle, you likely ovulated somewhere around the 17th of October. It is doubtful that you would be pregnant from DTD last night.

IF, in the unlikely event that you were to discover you are pregnant though take heart! Keep in mind that you would not be due until near the end of July. Your 2 year old will be 3 or almost there... and your 4 year old will be 5 or almost (dependent upon their birthdates of course!) I know the thought of having a third right now may not have been on your "things to do" list, but from a mom of several close-spaced kiddos, I can share that it really is smoother transition than you faced with a 2 yr old and newborn (from your last pregnancy.) They are more "independent" at those ages. That doesn't mean that you aren't needed by them, but that they are able to do more for themselves such as eating, getting dressed, etc. You don't have to view it as "taking away" from your other kids. We found it was just the opposite! One of my older ones shared that the love in the house wasn't divided... it "multiplied" much like that of a single candle lighting many more. They all have eagerly welcomed new members to our family over the years and can't imagine life without one another.

Whatever you choose, I wish you only the best and hope, in this instance, you get the outcome you desire. Please know you are welcome to continue posting with us. We have birth clubs for your older kids. Let us know if you need help finding groups to connect with.

Take care,

~Missy (

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Thank you so much for that encouragement. Children are always a blessing,and i love my babies very much.I just thought that for a second I wouldn't be ready for a third.But you know you're right.My daughter turned 4 in august.And she's constantly wanting to do things on her own.I can only do certain things for her when she asks.Other than that,most of the time she can on her own.My son turned 2 in march.And because he has his older sister,he's learned alot.When I'm cleaning around the house,he already goes for the paper towels to help mommy lol.He picks up most of the time after himself.And when I'm washing dishes they both want to incorporate their help,too.The main thing with toddlers is that they want their opinion to be heard. So I guess, yea it should be fine.I know I can handle one more.Just was scared for a minute there,thinking about a third one. Sad I know when me and my husband thought of a second one, i thought Oh no! Cuz you hear so many things.But it wasn't like that.It hasn't been that bad.So perhaps, three shouldn't be that bad either.Well,all there's to do is wait. Thank you so much for your advice.God bless you,too!