Prevent or erase stretch marks?

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Prevent or erase stretch marks?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): My first concern is healthy baby, but I do want to know if my bikini days will truly be over after this pregnancy. Has anyone found anything that really works to prevent or erase stretch marks? Honest answers welcome.

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Nope. It's genetics and luck. I didn't have any stretch marks at all with my first on my due date; 1.5 weeks later I had a ton of them all over my lower belly. So my first suggestion would be to not go two weeks overdue. :biglaugh: And then my son's huge stretches gave me a bunch all over my upper belly. So I guess my second suggestion would be to embrace them as the mark of motherhood and, if they really bother you, then get some body makeup. :bighug: