Prom Date!? Share yours!

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Prom Date!? Share yours!

Time for a trip down Memory Lane!

I have a teen that is attending Prom tomorrow (positive thoughts and prayers for good weather!) When picking up his tux, the lady at the store told him that this was a memory that would last a lifetime. His date's mom and I were talking and she can't remember her's at all. I actually went to several but mostly with guys that were "just friends" (one that I wanted to throttle by the end of the evening... LOL) While I do remember some details, a lot of it frankly is a blur. (Granted could be the # of years that have passed since then is a large gap... *sigh*)

Do you remember your prom(s)? What made it extra special (or a disaster?) What did you do for "after Prom"? Even better if you share photos! (Do not expect to see mine as my wallet was stolen stuffed full of alllllllll my wallet size photos the summer following my senior year. BOO! The larger ones are at my parents' stuffed in a drawer somewhere! LOL) If you decided not to go -- share why!

Be sure to link this on your other boards and invite your fellow members to participate here as well! It should be a blast to see the responses!