Repeat C-section - what to expect

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Repeat C-section - what to expect

Sorry for posting this here but I need some answers and most the moms on my board are trying for V-bac's....

I'm a 36 year old mom with a five year old and expecting our second baby late November. We're going for a c-section because the doctor who delivered my son told me after I was out of recovery "You can try it again but I wouldn't reccomend it" He was an emergency c-section and things had not gone well. So this time we're going with her advice and going for the c-section so I don't get rushed into the O.R. banging walls and putting me completely under so they could get in and get him out asap...

I'm fairly confident about the c-section itself but at the same time, I'm nervous. I have a five year old to take care of. I'll have a newborn. What should I expect with regards to recovery? What should I expect to happen at the hospital? And what do I pack for us?

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I haven't had a c-section but my oldest sister had 5 of them. The first 2 where 11 months apart. She said that the key to recovering quickly from a c-section was to get moving as soon as possible. Even just getting up to the bathroom will help. Also, don't wait until you are in pain to medicate, once you are already in pain it is much harder to get the pain back under control (I have chronic severe pain). Your son will probably be a great help with getting you things and "entertaining" the baby.

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Congratulations on your new little one. I have also heard that it helps to get up and about soon. Also, at 5 years old they are a huge help! Getting diapers, talking to the baby, taking things to the trash. You will do great.

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I had my first DD in 2008 via C-Section after 3 days of labor. It was hell. I had my second DD in 2011 via planned section. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! First, you will feel SO MUCH BETTER round 2. I seriously had my DD#1 sleep over my parents. I took a benadryl the night before to sleep, woke up at 0430 arrived at the hospital at 0530 and had a baby at 0748. I felt amazing!! I agree with previous post about walking right away and taking your pain meds when needed. I work at the hospital I deliverd at so all the MD's knew me. They offered me a spinal with something called Duramorph in it. They actually inject morphine into the spinal as well. I seriously had NO PAIN. I actually went home the next day. There is such a big difference between emergent and planned sections. As far as my kid went, I let DH handle her and I handled the LO. I had my DD help with the diaper changes and all because she was really intrested in the belly button and her poop (only my child Smile ) Long story short, my planned section was wonderful. Just don't over do it because you feel so much better. Best of luck!

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Ask for anti-itching meds and anti-nausea meds if you need them, even during the surgery. The Duramorph made me itch soooooo bad, I will never allow them to give that drug to me again!
Ask your doctor to use the same incision on your skin. It seems like a common sense thing to do, but I know women who have 2 or even 3 different scars on their bellies!
Take your pain meds by the clock for at least two weeks before attempting to wean off them. As a PP said, it's so much harder to catch up than to prevent the pain in the first place.
Even if you have no pain, you just had a baby *and* major abdominal surgery. Take it easy. If someone asks to come over, the correct answer is, "Only if you bring a casserole and take a load of laundry." Smile We took a babymoon after each baby, no visitors at all for two weeks. It was bliss!
You take care of the baby, DH takes care of everything & everyone else. He should stay home with you for at least two weeks, and he should do the laundry, the housework, the shopping, everything. If he can't or won't, then make arrangements to have someone else, family who is *really* helpful or a hired helper or whatever you have to do.
Tell your doctor to send you home with pain meds for at least two weeks. I find it appalling & horrifying & degrading that doctors are sending c-section moms home with only one week of meds. :evil:
It will be at least two weeks before you can drive, longer if you're still on pain meds, so if he has to go back to work, you should have someone else available at all times who can drive in an emergency.
Even though this is a routine surgery for the staff, it's your baby's birthday and you have the right to make it as special, respectful, dignified, whatever. You can ask them to stop chitchatting about their golf game, have someone take pictures, maybe even play music you like.
There's absolutely no reason for your arms to be strapped down, so don't allow it if you don't want it. You should be able to hold your baby while they're stitching you up if you feel up to it. (I wanted to but was too shaky so I just watched my DH hold him.)
There's absolutely no reason for your baby to leave your side, assuming he's born healthy. Don't send him to the nursery "for observation" or "to warm up under the lights" if you don't want to. If he has to go for a medical reason, then your DH has the right to be with him at all times.
You can call your baby's time of birth, have the doctor tell you when you look at the clock & announce the time.
One thing that made our son's birth very special was immediate skin-to-skin contact. This was important to us and DH made it happen even though we ended up having another c-section. My husband took off his shirt before putting on the special scrub suit, and as soon as Weston had been measured & weighed & checked, my DH unzipped his suit, scooped the baby up still all messy, and held him skin-to-skin. The nurses freaked out, they insisted on putting a hat on the baby & covered him with warm towels, but DH didn't give him back. My favorite pic of the two of them is Weston nestled against DH's hairy chest and you can see the smile on DH's face even though he's wearing a mask. So sweet.

I have no idea what to pack or have happen in a planned c-section since I have never had a planned c-section and I've never taken much to the hospital. First baby, we didn't expect to be born that day; second baby was a homebirth transfer and I tossed a few things in a bag -- a dress that's good for nursing, outfit for baby, lip balm, hairbrush, and cameras, that's about it. Good luck to you!

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Thanks for the feedback ladies. I'm excited for this to happen. My dcotor is saying I won't make it to my scheduled c-section date so we're finishing everything up tonight just in case he comes in the next week.

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Erin, I'm so happy for you and your family! Can't wait to see your newest addition! Best wishes for a smooth delivery/recovery!