For this Saturday's Halloween festivities: (pic heavy and XP)

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For this Saturday's Halloween festivities: (pic heavy and XP)

Ok, I know I've been talking about our up coming Halloween party and since I doubt I'll have much time to post Thurs - Sun so I thought would post this stuff now.

But before I do here is just a cute snap of my oldest "teaching" my youngest how to play the piano. I just thought it was sweet:

Ok, these snaps are crazy blurry because I was in such a hurry (I'm a poet and didn't know it) but it'll give you an idea. I didn't get any of the inside but I can try tonight.

This is the front entry. You can see the black light, the ghoul over the mirror, the black roses (with spiders in the vase) and the bleeding skull candles. In the middle is one of those plasma balls.

This is next to the front walk. Another hurried blurry but you get the idea with the spooky tree and witches caldron (which now has some lights in it too).

This is our "Graveyard". You can see a couple of our kid-made ghosts hanging in the background. We have a lot more of those smattered about the front yard.

This is our ghoul (with a small skeleton to the right of it - blurry again):

This is our banshee:

A little outdoor ghost - his head has color changing led lights in it:

My DH's fav (says it's very reflective of my true self Wink ):

We also have a tree with 4 or 5 bats hanging in it (I couldn't really get a good pic of it).
And we have maybe 12 ghosts we all made out of sheets and cheese cloth hanging around in some trees.
Plus on the front door I have 2 bloody hand prints, a witch swag on the door, a skull, and pumpkins.

I think that covers it on the outside - oh, and a small skeleton hanging from the mailbox.

On the inside we have the front entrance stuff you saw above plus the following:
In the front entry I have a floor cling that reads "Welcome to the Terrifying Turin Hill Haunt!" that I had custome made (it was only like $15 though)
A pumpkin head ghoul that's 5 ft tall
A headless life size pirate (he holds his detached skull in his hand)
A 6' long "body bag" with a skeleton head sticking out that laughs and shakes
A dropping spider (it drops down it's "web")
A huge plastic spider on the ceiling in the den
A light up spider web
And lots of little skulls, spiders, grave stones, that will sit on the food and drinks tables.
I have a drink fountain and skull and bat ice cube trays too.
I also have a sheet of bloddy handprints that will go on the bathroom door.
In the bathroom I have a string of witch hat lights.
On the mantle in the den I have creepy cloth covering the mantle with spiders and candles and a ghoul.
A few other knick knack type items placed around as well.

We also have a blow up (you know - the fan blown kind) huge spider for outside and a big blow up spooky tree with skeleton too. We aren't allowed to put those up per our HOA but I figure we can use them for just the night of our party. I guess if someone complains I'll deal with it.

Whew!!! That's a lot!! No wonder my DH thinks I'm crazy!! When I list it all out like that it makes my head spin.

Plus I got plates, cups, goodie bags (with candy, stickers, a glow in the dark skeleton), a pinata and glow sticks for all the kids too.

The menu:
mummy dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crecent rolls)
road kill stew (meatballs shaped like body parts in sauce)
rotting brains (mac & cheese with food coloring to make it look green)
bloodshot eyeball devilled eggs
mummy breadsticks (breadsticks with american cheese draped over them and slightly warmed in the oven to melt the cheese a little)
Vampire bite cupcakes (red velvet)
And we'll have some chips, cheese and veggies out as well.
My neighbors are also bringing some snack items.

I think that covers it. Now you know why I need to take Thursday and Friday off to prepare. The cleaning alone will take me all day Thursday plus Thursday night we have a school function at a "local" (it's like 20 minutes away) farm. I'm beginning to think I should have taken Wednesday off too!!!

And here's one of all 5 kiddos enjoying a nature walk we went on at one of the wonderful Metro Parks we have in C-town. This one is right across from my older kid's school. They go there a lot for field trips and nature lessons.
From left to right: DSS#2 Noah (5), DS#1 Anthony(8 ), DSS#1 Andon (8 ), DD Amelia (10) and DS#2 Mason (17 months). They rock.

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You are a crazy woman!! But this is totally AWESOME! I love it! Have a wonderful time! :witch:

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Oh Christina! I cannot believe that I missed this! These are absolutely delightfully ghoulish! I shared with my kids though and got "Are we going to do that???" Hmph! Maybe you'll offer me more inspiration for next year.

You really did a fabulous job and I'm sure that everyone will have a great time with the party! I love, love, love the menu and will have to try to do something like that for Monday to surprise the family.

Thank you so much for sharing! Let us know how it goes!


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Great pics!!!