Senseless Stupidity...

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Senseless Stupidity...

This is one of those articles that you simply have to read to believe. I respect that there are honest mistakes, but for this # "adults" to put so many lives in danger in numerous ways crossed my tolerance threshold:

Toddler Found Holding Loaded Handgun During Routine Traffic Stop

Out of the number of so-called "responsible" adults in the vehicle, you would think that ONE of them would have known enough to look out for the kids.

Do you think I'm off base with my comments? Feel free to add your own either in the comment section or here.

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Oh I completely agree. That is just sad, scary and rediculous.

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Just wow!! I cannot believe how stupid some people are.

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Do you get the idea that maybe someone was a felon and couldn't have a firearm, set it down when the police stopped them and the toddler picked it up?

I don't know. That's really dumb though. You wonder if they should even be allowed to drive a car...

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omgosh, what idiots. I just don't understand any of it. The mother should definitely be responsible for her child. As a mom you have to have some common sense.

There have been two different stories in our local news lately about toddlers shooting themselves with handguns recently. One was the granddaughter of a police officer. She found the loaded gun at his house and it went off. No one was charged in that case at all. As a cop, he definitely should have known better than to leave a gun laying out for a 2 year old to find. Awful.