Shoe size increase after pregnancy?
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Thread: Shoe size increase after pregnancy?

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    Default Shoe size increase after pregnancy?

    Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I understood swollen feet *during* pregnancy, but has anyone else had their actual shoe size increase AFTER birth?

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    Yep! The same hormone, relaxin, that allows your pelvic tendons to loosen & stretch, rather than snap in two, allow the tendons in your feet to do the same thing. You'll probably also notice that your arch has lowered, too. My feet flattened out a full half size with each baby!
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    My feet have gotten bigger. I did not equate it to pregnancy but the fact that I am bigger overall than I was 10 years ago.


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    Before my first pregnancy, I was a size 7-7.5. By the end of that pregnancy, I was 8-8.5. I did gain 50+ lbs but lost it by 6 months post partum. About 18 months post partum my shoe size was back to 7-7.5. My second pregnancy I gained the same amount but my shoe size did not change.
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