Short cervix question

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Short cervix question

Hi there, I am new to but I have a question that I am not getting answered anywhere else so I though I would try here.
I am 28weeks in my first pregnancy. I had my 28 week appointment on Monday and my cervix measured a 2.0cm out of 4.0cm. I know a shortening cercix at 28 weeks is not a good thing, a cervix shouldn't be shortening until right before labor, toward the end of third trimester. What I don't undertand is if my doctor is doing the right thing by pretty much not doing anything. My baby is measuring very big for this far along, 4lbs, which could be why my cervix is shortening early. But she isn't going to get smaller so it would seem to me that my cercix is only going to continue to shorten and would lead to preterm labor at some point.
Has anyone else had any experience with a short cervix?

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Hi! And welcome to!!! We are so happy to have you!!

I personally do not have experience.. but I DO know that there are several ladies here who have.

I bet the drop in soon and answer some of your questions!!

In the meantime.. :bigarmhug: Sorry you are worried!

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I could be wrong, but I believe 2cm isn't that short. Is your doctor planning on doing extra checks to monitor your cervix? They are probably waiting to see if it shortens further.

If you are worried, you should call your doctor and ask to speak to them. Good luck!

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Hi. I got told my cervix was shortening at my last appointment. I was 13 weeks, now just over 14 weeks. I am kinda freaked out as well. My last appointment was with the nurse practitioner so my next one is with the OB. She said the only thing she knew for sure that he would do is monitor very closely and I would have to get my cervix checked from here through the end of the pregnancy.

Not much help but if you find out anything let me know because I am anxious for my next appointment to ask more questions.

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How sure are you on your dates?

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I'm Julie. I work with the site's content and would like to point you at a couple "question and answer's" from our experts:

Does Cervical Length Indicate an Incompetent Cervix
Cramping and Cervical Changes at 28 Weeks

During one of our chat events, Cynthia, a CNM who directs a birthing center in Washington, D.C. said, "Cervixes are like noses...some people have long ones and some people's are short." She stressed that it is the change in your cervix that's important, not necessarily how long it is.

Hope this helps. Please keep us updated on you and your little one!

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Hello and welcome to p.o! I have no experience with this whatsoever, but I would definitely reccomend getting a second opinion on this, just to be on the safe side.