Should I worry?

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Should I worry?

I stopped taking the BCPill in August. My LMP was on Aug. 31th. I`m on CD42 and still no AF. When I`m off the BCP my cycle are usually 21 days. I have always had short cycles. I took 2 preg test and negative. 42 days is very long for me. Also, since about 2 weeks, I hurt when we DTD. It hurts up inside...?
Wonder if it could be a cyst?
Anyways, just wondering if anyone had a similar experience (of no AF) when stopping the pill?

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I wouldn't worry too much.

I had a very similar experience when I went off BC last fall, my first cycle was nearly 7 weeks and then AF was extremely heavy and very painful. After that I settled into a regular cycle.

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When I stopped taking the pill I had a couple of long cycles before things went back to normal.

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I agree with pp. When I first got off the pill when I was trying to get pg with my first I got all excited because I "missed" my AF. BFN though. It was maybe 2-3 months (ish) before things started getting back to normal. Including DTD. It took us about 7 or 8 months post b/c to get pg.

It was even longer when i went off the depo shot. I didn't get my first AF for almost a year after my final depo injection. Then 2 very irregular cycles and a surprise pg!

GL - I hope your cycle regulates quickly for you!!