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Well moms and moms to be. I need a little help. I need real advice about sleeping in the 3rd trimester because it is not happening over here. I am up every 2 to 3 hrs. I work about 9hrs a day during the week and my body is still not letting me rest on the weekend. PLEASE HELP A NOT SO NEW MOM WITH THIS. All suggestions will help.

confused and tired!!!!!!!!

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I wish I could help!! Pillows did what it could for me.....That said, I was still up quite a bit and decided to see it as my body preparing me for gettin up every 2-3 hours for feedings...My son Kaden, every 3 hours for a year, then every 4 for another 6 months before he slept 9 hrs. My son C woke every 2 for 6 months before sleeping 5-6 hrs....Hang in there, you will do this!

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Yep, a bed full of pillows all around me, and a body pillow that I could wrap myself around as well. Also, sleeping on my right side. The last month is the absolute worst in terms of sleeping... good luck!

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Acupuncture. I don't think acupuncture helped me have my baby on time, but I credit it for helping me sleep and also minimizing some of that terrible hip pain in the 3rd tri. I went twice a week toward the end, and I could feel the effects "wearing off" as I got closer to each scheduled session. I slept like a boss the night after treatment, and a little worse each proceeding day. Acu might also be a little cheaper than you think - I was able to go to a "community" treatment center here in Portland, which offered sliding scale treatments costing between 15-35 bucks. Hope your area has something similar!!!

Also, sleep when you can. When LO shows, your sleep will be weird anyway. If you feel like crashing after work, or like taking a huge nap on a day off - doooo it!

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For me, getting good exercise each day really helps. And then I always quit drinking fluids a few hours before bedtime.

If I go for a long walk (2 miles or so) each day, then I sleep well at night. If I miss a workout-- I don't sleep as well.

Good luck!