Small Families?

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Small Families?

I thought I'd throw this question out to those of ya'll with intentionally SMALL families:

How did you decide to have a small family? What made you satisfied with 1 or 2 little ones? How do you defend this choice to family and friends?

A little about us: I'm a Mama to a perfect, 5 month-old boy. I'm almost completely certain we're one and done. I'm a bit of an environmentalist, and I grew up in a family of 7 where money was VERY tight. I'd like to grow my career and provide for Laszlo well. No judgement to families who decide to have more, this is just where we are for now!

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This won't answer your question specifically, but I thought i could give you another perspective!~

I grew up as an only child, as did my husband. I loved it! LOL! Of course! I was the one and only and attention was readily available.
ON the flip side, it was lonely. I had a wicked strong imagination, and managed to entertain myself... but there was always a bit of emptiness. Did that drive me to have WAY too many boys? LOL! I am not sure.

All that being said, I was settled on a small family as well. After I had Ryan (my oldest) I was quite sure I was content and done. I was 25 when I had him, so I was already set in my ways, so to speak. I loved working! I was not the stay at home mom type at all!!! But, i was really surprised to find myself yearning for another 5 years later... and then another.. and then...the rest is history. I really did a 180 on what I thought I wanted.

oh, and I defended nothing to anyone Biggrin My inlaws still make an errant comment here and there about "too many" and I make sure they understand that it is NOT their business in any way. Biggrin It really is, NO ones business!! they can all take a walk LOL.

I say, let your already amazing heart guide you along. So much can change so fast! No need to be definite in your decisions about family, and really no need to defend your choices to anyone but yourself!