So it looks like I'm going to be a mommy!

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So it looks like I'm going to be a mommy!

Took a pregnancy test yesterday that was 'negative', took 3 today with faint lines, will take one early in the morning with first morning stream.
I am a pack a day smoker, which as of late that that has been fizzled down to a bout half a pack because of my extreme heart burn, burping acid, and nausea at the smell. At this point smoking is like putting my finger in a electrical switch, I know it's bad, I know I'm going to pay the piper, but I still try it. I am happy that about a week ago I signed up for a quit program. The most odd events have been happening, as I received the patches in the mail, I also receive a welcome to pregnancy booklet, I don't remember signing up for anything other than this site, there was no return address besides a P.O box? Maybe that was my first clue- haha. My boyfriend arrived with three pregnancy tests, so I took one, left it on the counter for like 2 hours after seeing only one line; then as I went back to dispose of it as I forgot about it in the first place. There was a second faint line, I took that same brand again along with another brand. All had two faint lines in common, I looked back in the trash and discovered the negative test from yesterday also had the faintest line I'd ever seen.
I'm scared, happy, nervous, happy and anxious.
This is the first time for me at the age of 23.
Some things that worry me are cigarette smoking- how hard will it be to quit, especially since I've been smoking a pack a day since 17,
I'm also a little worried about my BMI, as I am overweight. My gynecologist recomended I lose 21 pounds to drop any health risks, though she said I should have nothing to worry about. (confusing)

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First of all congrats on the pregnancy!

Quitting smoking at any point sucks, but I found it even worse when I was pregnant. The fact that they make you sick may make it a bit easier. I had to just go cold turkey because even one a day through me off so that I reasoned my way through five or ten in no time. Gum helps.
The random pregnancy package is odd, but places like walmart and target do log your viewed items and send you targeted marketing so maybe it was something like that?

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Congrats & welcome to! Smile

My thought is the same as pp -- The "Welcome to Pregnancy" mail (unless received via email directly from us) was most likely from either a department store like Target or Walmart... or insurance company. I had to laugh after buying a baby shower gift at Target I received a bunch of 'baby gear' and maternity mailers. Blum 3

I wish you all the best as you stop smoking! I know many years back my dh struggled with failed methods /attempts. He finally just quit cold turkey. He did use the gum for a while and eventually weaned off to regular gum then nothing. *whew* One thing that I have seen help others here was listing out what you KNOW are trigger points. Write down when you normally would have a cigarette (i.e. after dinner, right as you get up, etc.) and make a different plan of actions you could do instead. We'll be cheering you on!

Finally - have you figured out your due date? We can help you connect with others due around the same time!

Wishing you a wonderful pregnancy!

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Hi & Welcome to

Please let us know what your question is. We can try to answer or direct you to the appropriate resources onsite.

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