Special request -- Italian .01 Euro coin

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Special request -- Italian .01 Euro coin

My family is looking for the Italian .01 Euro Coin.

It pictures the Castel del Monte as seen below:


It holds special meaning to us because Castel del Monte is the castle that they found the dirt in the bacteria that they that created the chemo drug Doxorubicin used to treat our son.

If you can send us one (or two, or 5), I can PayPal you your expenses. An .01 Euro coin is worth about a U.S. penny and 1/3, but I know shipping from overseas to the U.S. can be expensive.

Please PM me or send me a message via my son's CaringBridge link below.


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Have you tried asking the bank? Or maybe a post on craigs list?

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Hey Janel! Brooke actually made me think of something. I am certain that there are Currency Exchanges in most major cities (plus many banks offer some services as well.) Years ago while in high school (ok..... *sigh* MANY years ago) we were able to obtain some foreign coins through a local currency exchange here. I understand that the coin may hold little monetary value but I love the sentiment you have attached.

If that doesn't work and you continue to turn up empty drop me an email. I may be able to contact someone here traveling to Italy to see if they can bring some back.

Good luck!