Suddenly scared of giving birth -- normal?

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Suddenly scared of giving birth -- normal?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): I love being pregnant but suddenly have become terrified of giving birth. I fear something going wrong with me or the baby as well as being scared that I won't be able to handle the pain. Are these feelings normal or should I seek help?

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I have not been thru child birth myself yet (pregnant with our first) but having those thoughts and feelings is totally normal!! I have them on a daily basis.

You are entering into something that you have never experienced, and so you can't begin to prepare yourself for it. I'm taking child birth education classes and I am finding that they help a great deal in alleviating those feelings. If you find these thoughts are overwhelming you too greatly then you might consider looking for professional help. Definitely talk to your significant other about how you're feeling. Or to any friends who've already had children, they will be able to give you perspective.

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I think it is normal. No matter how much you think about your birth plan, things can always change. With my first, I was scared about all kinds of things because I had no idea what to expect. When I got to the hospital, I had virtually no progress and I couldn't imagine how long I'd be there because I'd always heard about women starting labour several cm dialated. It took 4 hours. With my second, I was scared my labour would be a long one because those 4 hours took everything I had. When my water broke early and they were talking about inducing me once I reached 34 weeks, I was scared about the complications of induction. As it turned out, I went into labour on my own and it went very fast. I was already at the hospital and I barely made it from the floor I was on to L&D.

For my 3rd, I'll be nervous about another preemie and not making it to the hospital.

I think it is important to work with a team that you believe in and shares your priorities. I've had several friends who had to have emergency C-sections and after they weren't so sure they needed it and had a cheated feeling. However, they had to make that decision quickly. When you are in the middle of labour and the doctor tells you that some intervention is needed, you need to believe and be comfortable with that decision. I'm ok with a C-section if my health or my baby's health is in danger. I'm not ok with it if my doctor has a golf game coming up. Through my experiences, I'd say that once you start labour, the focus shifts from being scared of it to getting through it one step at a time.

Some fear is normal but if it is significantly affecting you, then you need to talk to someone.