Swollen foot

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Swollen foot

I'm 38 weeks and suffering from swollen feet and hands. Why would only my left foot be swollen? And keeping it elevated is not making any difference...

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Sorry I didn't see this before submitting my other response. While you did share in your other post that you have a rather active day recently -- the swelling combined with your other symptoms is worthy at least of a phone call to your medical caregiver. Stay hydrated (water - not caffeine) and continue to elevate. Preference is given to laying on your left side. Some swelling is normal in your face, hands, legs, ankles, and feet at this stage of pregnancy. The swelling could be due to getting dehydrated, overworking and being on your feet or in one position for too long... or could be a possible early warning sign of your blood pressure becoming elevated. Give them a call and then update when you are able.

Get some rest while you can! Seems that you will be busy with your newborn soon!