Taking newborn into large crowds

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Taking newborn into large crowds

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): How long did you wait before taking baby into large gatherings? Our baby was just born last week and all the extended family gets together for Christmas day. Go or no?

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If you feel up to it, then go. Keep baby in a sling or other carrier on your body, and also let DH wear baby for a while. It's harder for people to touch baby that way than when they're in a car seat. Carry hand sanitizer and make anyone who wants to hold baby clean their hands first. Say that's what they did at the hospital since it's cold & flu season and it just seems like a good idea to continue protecting baby rather than stay home & not let anyone see the baby at the holidays. Most people won't argue when you say it's doctor's advice, kwim? If you'll be there more than a couple of hours, make sure there's a place for you to lie down if you need to. Being a new mom to a tiny baby is exhausting, and so is dealing with tons of family, so take a quick nap if you want or need to!

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I took my preemie out all the time in a carrier. Very few people try to touch. We also did the sanitizer thing all the time too.