Third trimester travel tips

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Third trimester travel tips

Question for the Answer Box: I'll be traveling by car on a 9 hour trip while 7 months pregnant to visit family. #1 have any of you done a late road trip like this and #2 any tips?

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I haven't done that long of a car ride while that pregnant, but I've done 9 hours at 5 months and 3 hours at 9 months. Twice each, actually. Blum 3 My midwife said to get out of the car and walk around, or at least remain standing, for at least 20 minutes for every two hours spent in the car. You also need to stay well-hydrated, which means you'll need to pee quite a bit, which makes it a lot easier to justify those rest breaks. For the 9-hour trips, I actually planned out most of our stops along the way at places where I knew I'd find a Carls Jr; IME they have the largest and cleanest bathrooms of the fast food chains, and they have fried zucchini! There's nothing worse that having to pee & having to wait in a line for a single bathroom at a gas station or not having any toilet paper!

When I was 9 months along, my midwife also wanted me to know where the closest hospital off the freeway was for every 30-minute leg of the trip. I absolutely hated doing that job before the trip, but as we were driving, I felt good knowing that, if something happened, we'd know where to head.

Also, I've always been prone to carsickness on curvy roads but I'm usually OK on freeways in the front seat. On those long drives while pregnant, I found myself very queasy. I bought crackers & ginger candy at our second rest stop and, having learned that lesson, brought those things along on the other trips.