For those nosy about my fertility

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For those nosy about my fertility

Answer Box: Give me some quick retorts to those 'interested' coworkers, families, & friends that continue to butt into our fertility (or lack thereof!) We want kids? are trying to have kids? and yes, know that my (biological) clock is ticking!

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I used to just say "I'm infertile" and that shut them up and they would never ask again. I did this with family, friends and coworkers. Really it is none of their business.

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My response to people wanting to know when we'd have another kid was often, "Not in the next nine months!"

Once I was pregnant but not telling, my response was, "Not sure" (because I truthfully didn't know what exact date the kid would be born) or "Probably next year sometime"

Or.. "My husband and I are still discussing it."
.."I'll let you know when I have news to share!"