Toddler sweating during nap time and at night?

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Toddler sweating during nap time and at night?

Hello! I haven't posted here for quite a while and I have a question. My 14 month old sometimes wakes up with his hair partly drenched in sweat. Last night it was so bad we had to change the sheets on the bed. I have had to do this once before. I am worried it could be something more serious, but I don't know. He is not over dressed, we have central a/c, and we keep it comfortable in the house. He also doesn't use blankets in crib. If this has happened to anyone else I would love to hear from you. For being a first time mom, I am worried. Thanks for your responses.

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I would say this is pretty normal. My Toddler wakes up covered in sweat a lot. I would recommend putting some sort of sippy cup in with him though, as they can lose a lot of fluid that way.

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From 12months until about 4yrs my daughter would sweat profusely while sleeping! It sometimes would be so bad it looked like she urinated on herself, and we would have to change the sheets! I think it is completely normal and nothing to worry about. You could try putting a cool rag on his forehead at nap/bed and see if that helps!

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my son does this. not every time he sleeps, but once in awhile

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I think this is pretty normal. DS has been sweating in his sleep since he turned about 2. It doesn't seem to matter how hot or cold it is, he'll still sweat.

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I would say this is completely normal, as you can see from the replies. My DD also sweat a lot whilst sleeping and still does. If you are worried though, visit the Dr just to feel assured.


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My DD was the same, in fact at 8 she still wakes up sweaty most mornings. Completely normal. We bought a no spill sport bottle, (one without a lid that she just needed to suck on to get water) and she kept that in her bed for several years.