Toilet Paper issue... need suggestions...

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Toilet Paper issue... need suggestions...

Calling all BTDT Moms!!!

My daughter is 9 years old, (ADHD and mild aspergers) and we have an issue with toilet paper. She constantly uses a HUGE amount (as in at least half a roll) clogging the toilet. We've tried getting her cheaper TP but she just uses more. Every time she goes to the bathroom we warn her not to use too much and yet she STILL does. I'm at my wits end now I just had to clean poopy water that was all over her bathroom floor because not only did it clog it overflowed.

I need some suggestions she's not a toddler she 9 years old!

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Only thing I could think of is to take the toilet paper out of her bathroom and give her a certain amount before she goes in. Good luck

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Aw.... sorry you are having to deal with this. Cleaning a *messy* floor plus unclogging is not on anyone's wanted list.

My thought is that likely she may feel that she is not getting herself "clean" enough without using more? In addition to again demonstrating how much TP is needed (even count how many squares you consider *normal*, how to fold, etc. -- I have a couple of other suggestions.

1)Suggest that after she wipes once (with the appropriate amount of tissue needed) that she reach behind and flush immediately. She can then wipe again if needed once or twice (with the amount allotted) and flush once again.

2)Consider keeping a peri-bottle in the bathroom. Advise her to fill it with warm water BEFORE she goes, then after she wipes once to use the bottle to cleanse herself. She may find it helps her achieve that sense of greater cleanliness she seems to be after.

My one concern with this, however, is what does she do when she is out at school, a friend's, or somewhere else? Perhaps let her know this is something she could do once a day at home to help her feel "fresher?"

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I wonder about having her use flushable wipes.

I also wonder if this only something she does after a bowel movement? I know my one niece used to use a lot of toilet paper trying to cover up the poop. If that is the case having her flush before she gets up might help.

Also, my son is in the process of being diagnosed an aspie, he is a bit younger then your daughter but he would constantly pee all over the seat and floor in his bathroom. After I started making him clean up his bathroom he has started to do better and the smell of urine is no longer coming from his bathroom all the time.

Good luck.

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thanks ladies

She does it regardless of pee or poop, and she never remembers to flush. If I ask her if she has she will say yes she flushed and I go in after and she hasn't. She doesn't seem to have this problem anywhere else but home. She stays with my grandmother, her paternal grandmother, and at friends houses and there's never an issue.

As for the flush-able wipes, I've tired those once before and she went through the entire container in about 2 days. Sad I'm just at my limit now. For the rest of the day I took the TP out of her bathroom. We'll have to come up with something else soon though, it feels kind of wrong to make her ask for toilet paper.

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I'm going to toss out an outside-the-box thought. I wonder if the bathroom might be her "security place" and she just keeps wiping as long as she's in there? At other people's houses, she's just in there to do her business and get back out to whatever is going on. At home, especially if she has her own bathroom, it might be the place where she feels safe and stays in longer, which means more wiping since that's what you do in there, kwim? I see that you're expecting another baby soon; that will certainly be bringing big changes to her life that she might need more help dealing with emotionally. Also, for most kids, their bedrooms are where they feel most safe & secure, so she might not be feeling safe or secure in her own bedroom anymore for some reason that might be triggering the bathroom behavior, so I'd suggest looking at that, too. Good luck!