U-verse anyone?

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U-verse anyone?

Hi all!

I'm looking for anyone that has / had AT & T's U-Verse for an opinion on both internet and /or TV coverage. Would you recommend it? Pro's / Con's?


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OMG love U-verse! We've had them for over a year. Compared to the other provider in our area they are the best. They have great customer service which was huge for me.

I can record up to 4 shows at once.
If I'm watching a show in the living room and I want to finish it in the bedroom I can stop it, and finish it in the bedroom.
It never goes out. Comcast would get these wierd pixel things all the time and U-verse never has.
Internet has never gone out.
If it does go out, resetting the modem resolves it.
If we are out of town and forgot to record a show I can log on and record it from any computer.

I wish we could watch more than one HD channel at a time. If I'm watching HD in the living room hubby can't watch HD in the bedroom (however comcast couldn't do that either)

Let's just say that I love U-verse. We even have the home phone through U-verse. All of our services including Wireless are all on ONE bill. which makes me extremely happy! Smile