Weird dreaming about beiing pregnant??

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Weird dreaming about beiing pregnant??

I was dreaming that I saw a sperm and egg connecting. It showed I was pregnant with a child. While pregnant I buy a girl puppy. After that, I gave birth to a baby girl and had a name picked out for her. I've seen this girl in my dreams all the time for 2 years straight. I don't understand it. The girl grows from months and months, then she is 1. The girl has blue eyes and brunette curly hair. I call her my snicker doodle and she's all happy and smiley. She looks like my boyfriend. It's really weird but it feels like my own child. So what could this dream possibly mean? Is someone about to become pregnant or is it really about me? Help!

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I have often had dreams like this, especially before I got pregnant with my DD. I have learned it to be Physic Intuition. If you keep having reoccurring dreams like this there is something telling you. I always knew I was going to have a girl first, something I always felt. Then my aunt came out when she was up here visiting us a few years back before I even knew I was pregnant (because I was pregnant at the time she told us this). She said she had a dream that I was going to be the first to have one, and it was going to be a girl. She said my cousin was going to be 2nd and she was going to have a boy. She was dead on. All because of the dreams she had.
We never know when these things might happen but there's someone telling you in someway that one day you will have a little girl. I'm a firm believer in dreams, and what they mean, but never get your hopes up in them just in case it doesn't come true.

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It could be either... or it could be that you had something totally weird to eat before you fell asleep lol... either way it sounds like it was a good dream!