What can WE do??

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What can WE do??


There are far too many children suffering abuse at the hands of their own parents. Is there ANYthing that we can do to stop it??????

Makes me so s/mad.


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Those crimes make me speechless.....
Can't and won't understand why people would do such things....
Sad real sad.

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This just makes me SICK. How can a person reject their child??? I hope they get the maximum sentence and get the sh*t kicked out of them in prison!!!!!!!!

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I remember back in my social anthropology course that there is a specific culture in south Asia that will favour one twin over the other as twins can be an evil omen. It was more common in the 1800s though. I wonder if this could be a rare case of that. I recall a picture of a woman in one of my text books from the late 1800s breastfeeding one twin first always as it was the preferred. The other was half the size and malnourished.