What could this really mean? My mind is confused..

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What could this really mean? My mind is confused..

So, I had a dream that sheep, lambs, cows, and goats were meeting at a waterfall just drinking water. There was no woods just water flowing and very sunny with clear blue skies. I could see all these animals loving on me. A few seconds later, I see myself in the past dream over 2 years ago I've been having and giving birth to a healthy baby girl, which I know by heart because I picked it out personally. Months pass and she's 1 and at the doctor's with me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend is holding her and I asked her who she likes and loves. She says mommy and daddy.

Also, people have been telling me to be careful. I don't know why. People have been predicting I will get pregnant this year. I've always predicted of having a kid at 24. My mom wants me to be the first and that I will be the first. I told a couple of people about the dreams and majority said when they dreamed about being pregnant, weeks later they became pregnant. I never talk about pregnancy or think about it, which i find this to be very weird. :confused: