What to do to help firstborn on being a big sister? Answers Neede

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What to do to help firstborn on being a big sister? Answers Neede

Today's question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): What can I do to help my firstborn (age 4) feel better about being a big sister? She seems to be having a tough time adjusting and wants to take the baby "back." Thanks!

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Let her get involved -- have her sing to the baby, give the baby a pacifier, etc. Give her ways to help out. Then, give lots of praise. Be sure she still gets lots of special time with both parents. For instance, Daddy holding the baby while Mommy does bedtime routine/snuggles.

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Reward her when she does something kind for her sibling, and always tell her that baby brother/sister loves her very much and really enjoys it when she holds his/her hand, helps at bath time, kisses him/her etc. Talk about all the fun things big sisters can do when baby gets a bit bigger, like showing brother/sister how to play her favourite games and always having someone to play with. Also take time for one on one play with her without baby being there at all. Let her know that she is still very important in her own right.

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Great tips above!

The only thing I'd add is to make sure you're treating baby like you treat her. Sometimes big sister has to be quiet or patient while baby is sleeping or needs something from mommy, and I'm sure you are gently reminding her of that, but do the same thing for baby, even though baby doesn't understand. I.e. "Yes, baby, I hear you fussing, but you need to be patient please while I finish reading with Sissy, and then I will feed you!"

Helps big sister know that she isn't second fiddle all the time!