What are my odds of going into labour before the EDD?

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What are my odds of going into labour before the EDD?

Everyone keeps telling me that I will go early with DD2 b/c I went 2 weeks early with DD1. Does anyone have any stats on this? Am I really more likely to go early the second time around?

I'm just curious....with DD1 I stopped working 3 weeks prior my due date so that I could have a few weeks to relax and get some household projects done, but since she came early I didn't have nearly as much time as I thought I would. Just wondering if I can expect the same thing this time around!!!!!

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I don't think there is any way to know. My sister went into labor 2 weeks early with her first but her second was 1 week late.

My step-sister has 4 kids. The first was a week early, the 2nd was a week early, the 3rd was 3 weeks early but the 4th was a week and a half late!!!

I think most people feel that if your 1st goes early so will subsequent kiddos. I'm just not sure how accurate that is!

GL - I hope you're able to time things just right!!

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Don't count on it! My first was also 2 weeks early. My others (large family) have been scattered with only one born on their due date to one that was 15 days overdue; and one more about 1 week earlier than edd. As Christina shared, the only "stat" that seems to be accurate is that each and every pregnancy is completely different experience... even for the same woman!

Good luck!

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It's hard to say and might not have an answer, but my last 2 were both 3 weeks early and I went into labor on my own. My first was overdue and my second was 8 weeks early but that was due to a gallbladder issue but the last 2 went all on their own!

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I think every single baby is different and every single pregnancy is different, so there's never any way to tell how things will go. I had all three of my babies in the 39th week, so naturally I assumed the same would happen with this one... not the case! All of my other babies measured right on time and size, and this LO is deciding to be a month bigger than he should be, and I've been dilated to 3 CM for a week now! So you just never know...

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1st was a week early
2nd was 8 days late
3rd was 7 days late
4th was 2 days early

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33.3% really .. 33.3% early 33.3% on time 33.3% late .. those are your odds .. but good luck either way Smile

PS the missing .01% is as it is because it divides into 3 infinitely and thats annoying

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I know I am late responding but both of my kids were exactly a week early!