What TV show of your childhood would you bring back?

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What TV show of your childhood would you bring back?

During many of our childhood years, there was the so-called "Family Hour" of TV. Every night, families gathered to enjoy shows that they knew would be "family friendly".

Today, many families watch *their* shows separately.

If you could bring back a show from your childhood to share with your kids, what would it be (or perhaps one that you personally wished had never ended?)

(This is one of my favorite reasons for Netflix! )

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I loved "Full House." They now have it on Nick at Night so it has already come back. My girls have watched it with me. So many shows now are not appropriate for kids. I was watching "Family Feud" with my 10 year old and even that was very inappropriate. I remember TGIF on Fridays. There were so many good shows. "Boy Meets World" was always a good show also.

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Love Full House, Boy Meets World, Happy Days, and Growing Pains

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Life Goes On and Step By Step, as well as Full House and the rest already mentioned.