What would you do?

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What would you do?

So my sister is going out tomorrow night with my Mum and a few of her friends on someones hen night.

She always starts drinking really early, like 6pm (ridiculous I know!) Anyway, her youngest (he's 5) has been invited to a party from 4-6 that day and my sister and her partner have had a huge falling out because he can't take him as he is golfing until 7pm ish and my sister can't because she wants to be out for 6. So, she has asked me if I will take him.

If I'm honest, I don't want to. A couple of reasons.... I won't know anyone there and the main reason being he is a little brat. It sounds harsh, but it's true and it embarrasses me when he plays up. Plus, if he was to be naughty, he wouldn't listen to me if I was to tell him off. Also, he has always loved my DD to bits, but just recently as he's getting older he can be really nasty to her and I hate it.... in fact I want to rip his little head off sometimes.

I don't know, I'm annoyed because she's made me feel guilty by saying if I don't she won't be able to go out. Sorry, but how is that my problem? She should've thought of this before hand right? If she is that bothered about going out, leave him there, go home get ready and go back and get him.

What would you do? Am I being mean to my sister or would you feel the same?


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Family is complicated.....and that is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

From an outsiders pov i don't think it would be wrong for you to tell her no. For goodness sake, it only goes until 6!! Unless there is somewhere she NEEDS to be or all the women are leaving at 5 or something I think it is her duty, as a parent, to take her son to a birthday party.

Part of being a parent is sacrifice. Changing your own way of life for your childrens.

I'm NOT saying that I don't like to party, I LOVE IT!! But there is a time & place for it & instead of attending a birthday party w/ your son is not one of them.

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I agree with Lesley. You should not feel guilty at all. It is not your responsibility to take HER son to a birthday party b/c she wants to party.

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Obviously this has passed... but I agree with the others. While it might be nice of you to do it, you are under no obligation to take him. There is a child in my extended family that I feel similarily about and I don't think I would agree to take either... the child simply will not listen to me (so much as to frequently inform me "YOU'RE NOT MY MOTHER") and I would not be willing to deal with that publicly. Heck, I wouldn't take my own child(ren) if they behaved that way.

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i would feel the same. why couldn't she have just gone out after 7 when her dh got home? did i miss something?

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Thanks for the input ladies.

Well, I did in the end tell her that I would drop him off and pick him up for her but I did not want to stay for the 2 hours. She was fine with this and I picked him up..... but when I got to their house, her DBF was HOME!! I was fuming but said nothing.

Ok, so my sis doesn't go out much and I do understand where she was coming from. Her DBF is useless, never home, always golfing or shooting, or fishing.... he doesn't work, does the odd job here n there and so my sister is always left with the kids to deal with them. Ok, yes she's their Mum but they are HARD work. Honestly, I would hate them to be my kids. So yea, because he couldn't be home to collect the youngest as he had other things to do my sis was mad! I'm not defending her though, she still shouldn't have put pressure on me like she did and I am glad I held my ground this time.