What's Your Favorite Family Tradition?

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What's Your Favorite Family Tradition?

Traditions are often cited as an important part of the fabric weave bonding a family together. Most families can point to various rituals they follow every holiday season that make it extra special.

But what about others? Does your family have a favorite tradition that you have created? Maybe instituting a "Movie Night" or "Game night"? Perhaps it is the way you celebrate birthdays -- or have a "tradition" to turn ordinary days into something extra special!?

Share your favorite rituals now! We're compiling into a new article that will be coming out soon!



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One of our favorite "memory" makers has been camping. Each year we loaded up the kids, tents and Coleman stove and headed out into the wild. We leaned toward simple. So many things can "go wrong." Within our batch of stories are:

  • Remember the time Will stubbed his toe and found the fossil?
  • Mom, it was so funny when the egg slid off the grill and into the fire? (Note, this child could not eat eggs, anyway...)
  • Child talking to cousin, "One time we had to cut the top off the coffee can and use it to cook because we forgot all the pots and pans
  • Don't you just love sitting around a campfire and telling stories?
  • Those moss men you made on the trees? Those were soooo cool!

So although camping isn't anything special, for our family this tradition set the framework for hours of reminiscing.

Another tradition: Each time we made bread (usually three times a week), we'd save out a little of the dough. The kids took turns deciding how to use it. One would ask for cheesy bread sticks, another for bread dough sculptures, apple coffee cake, buns, cinnamon pull-a-parts. That was a special mom-and-me time where we cooked and created together, maybe laughed, maybe talked about serious event in that child's life.

I'd love to hear about yours. Smile

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We go to the San Diego Comic-Con every July, and to Idaho for Thanksgiving every year to visit DH's family.