What's Your Summer Style?
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Thread: What's Your Summer Style?

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    Default What's Your Summer Style?

    What are you most comfortable wearing during the summer heat? Pants, lightweight skirts, or shorts?

    By the calendar, it is still spring here... but by the thermostat things are heating up and becoming sticky hot already!

    I found that I'm really comfortable in those breezy semi-long skirts. I have the freedom of movement (allowing me to have a fighting chance to catch the kids! LOL) without having pants become glued to my skin. My frustration is those that *are* that style tend to rip easily as active as I am/need to be... particularly with little ones climbing.

    I need to find a company that offers lightweight, long, "breezy" type of skirts that don't tear easily as well! If you know of one do share!!

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    I think it depends what "season" of life I'm in as much as the actual weather season. I actually prefer dresses and skirts. But having small children I would probably flash people more on accident if I did. Definitely loose is good. I keep hoping I can go shopping to even add a couple that maybe will prevent flashing. LOL I actually prefer thrift stores so I'm no help on companies to shop.

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