When did your child start walking?

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When did your child start walking?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): When did your little one start walking? My relatives all have shared that their child was walking by 1 year (some claim earlier.) My son is 14 months and still hasn't taken that 1st step. Should I be concerned?

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Concerned, not at all! He's still young Smile

My DD started walking at 13 months old. I remember the date, Aug 10th 2009 - how sad haha. I was off work for a week too so was happy she waited for me.


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12/13 months for my oldest, 18 months for my youngest. If he is working towards it, I wouldn't worry at all.

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My first at 13 months and my second at 16 months. I found it really difficult with my first because my niece was born at the same time and started walking at 7 months.

I wouldn't be worried if they aren't walking as long as they seem to do other things (like sit up, pick things up).

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20 months first steps and 21 he was walking

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My daughter took her first steps the day before her 1st birthday; but of course she wasn't "walking" yet. It was closer to 15 months before she was really steady. As for my son; he took his first steps about 15 months and wasn't really steady until 18 months.

So long as your child is crawling and scooting, I would not be concerned that they aren't walking yet. Especially if he pulls himself up to stand or at least can support himself standing if you raise him up.

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There are so many physical and mental skills that go into walking! ITA with the others that as long as he's making progress in other ways, I wouldn't worry. I can't remember when DD started walking, but I know at 15 months she was running around pretty well because we took a big bouncy ball along on a road trip for her to kick around at rest stops! My son really really wanted to walk when he was about 10 months old, but he was so chunky his little legs needed to build up more muscles to support him. He spent a couple of months standing up, holding on to things, and doing squats, LOL! Blum 3 And then just a few days before his first birthday, he turned away from the sofa and toddled over to me when I came in from work.