When to plan vacation!? (Please answer quickly!)

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When to plan vacation!? (Please answer quickly!)

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): When would the latest ideal time during pregnancy to take a vacation? I want to offer a Christmas surprise for dh with plans for one of the last couple only getaways we'll have for a long time.

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Pretty much any time in the second trimester. The nausea of the first trimester is either over, or under control with meds, but you are not to the huge-belly-in-the-way part. You'll probably still have a good amount of energy and still be sleeping decently, and the peeing-every-half-hour probably won't have kicked in yet. You'll have enough of a belly visible that polite people will give you a seat on the subway or let you skip in line at the restroom, and you don't have the travel restrictions of late pregnancy. Have fun!

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I would say 5-6 months. Same reasons as above.