When to turn forward facing?

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When to turn forward facing?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): When did you turn your baby forward facing? My son is tall for his age and cries non-stop e-v-e-r-y time we are in the car to the point of getting sick until we take him out again. I'm hoping that turning him around will help.

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Don't do it. Just google "forward facing internal decapitation" and watch a couple of the related videos, and you'll feel the same way. I kept both of my babies rear facing for well over a year, 15 months for my daughter (now 9yo) and 19 months for my son (now 4yo).

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Both of mine were close to 2. The pediatrician said that he would rather keep them rear facing as long as possible and stated that even if their feet touched the back, he would rather deal with a broken leg/foot than neck/spine/head injury. My kids are now 4-1/2 and 7 and both are still in 5 pt harnesses.

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The current recommendation is to RF till 2 years.

We turned DD1 around at 21m (recommendation at that time was to 1year). DD2 is 2y3m and still RF, though we'll be turning her very soon, in order to make our configuration of carseats work when DS is born next month.

DD1 is 6 and will remain in her 5pt harness as long as possible (i.e. till she reaches the weight limit), even though many of her friends/cousins are in boosters.