Who does the bulk of childcare?
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Thread: Who does the bulk of childcare?

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    Default Who does the bulk of childcare?

    Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): Honest answer - in your household who does the bulk of childcare (bathing, feeding, changing, comforting during the night, etc.)?

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    Myself hands down.

    DBF works nights so sometimes he leaves at 18:15. He is still asleep when we get home from work/school at 16:00 so I do our evening meal, then I will bath DD whilst he gets sorted for work and then he's gone by the time it's bedtime. Then he's gone all night so I deal with the growing pains, feeling sick, bad coughs through the night. DBF takes over in the mornings and does the morning routine ie breakfast, dressing and bringing her to school.

    Man, it's hard work sometimes! lol.

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    I do, my husband works split shifts so is not home at night and is still asleep in the mornings so all evening and morning routines are all me. Weekends he is usually at work at least one day, sometimes two depending on his roster that week and usually split shifts again so it's all me all the time

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    When I'm home, it's primarily me.

    I work long shifts though, so on my workdays, DH picks the kids up from school/daycare, makes dinner, and puts them to bed.

    He also gets up with the kids on the weekends so I can sleep in a little. Love that!

    But yeah, I do most of the childcare stuff, and he does most of the housecare stuff (cooking, dishes, cleaning, etc).

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