Who's going Black Friday shopping?

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Who's going Black Friday shopping?

Anyone else crazy enough to get mixed up in the fray? Playing it safe by staying home and shopping online? If you are heading out (or did) was there one "great" deal you were after?

Share! Also, don't forget to check out some "Black Friday Survival Tips!" Feel free to add some of your own suggestions in the comments!

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I went. I woke up at 530 am and headed out to the local Menards and than Walmart. I got a killer of a deal at both. It was worth it but than I came home and crashed after eating some leftovers. I did also go online and order some great deals as well.

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Hi Clara!

Welcome to Pregnancy.org and congratulations on your newest pregnancy! Smile

Judging from your family size, you need to come also drop in at our Large Families board (in our Parenting Forums and Groups)! We have a terrific group there!

To answer my own question, I did try to go out late last night. Walmart was an absolute zoo / nightmare here! I swear I think people must have been in there shopping all day as many were ready to check out when I was walking in at 9:30 p.m. The line stretched in all directions from the front of the store to the rear. Walking through the aisles was practically impossible as you either ran into the lines trying to get to check out or those standing in line still for electronic sales to go on at midnight. *whew* As I wasn't after any big ticket items, I decided that it truly wasn't worth my trying to first fight the crowds to find what I needed and then wait for hours on end to check out. (We did go back later today and picked up a few things with price matching which was great!)

After leaving Wal-mart, I tried going by Best Buy, Target, and Kohls. Again, lines were horrid and I just couldn't see trying in vain.

I came home, did a little shopping online (by that point some of the deals were available there) and went to bed for a few hours. Dh and I tried a little more today and were able to pick up some things we needed. We mainly had fun with watching people and the various "attitudes". LOL

Best wishes! Please let me know if you need any help finding things onsite!


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We went. But we do go every year. And sadly this year I almost forgot my patience, but the very wonderful people in front of us at Kohls brought LOTS of extra and shared with me. Wink

We always have the kids make a list (okay since they don't really write yet, we do help put their wants on paper). Then we get the paper (my brain can't focus on the ads online for some reason) and see what kinds of deals they have on the stuff they wanted on their lists. The we decide our game plan of where we are going and what we are getting. We don't typically go for the high ticket items, although I'm told next year since our christmas account will be bigger we are going to hunt for a new camera (I just hope it's a camera for dummies because I am so technologically challenged it's pretty much going to have to do everything or provide a talking manual). So that is one of the things that works in our favor.

So this year we went to Kohls. We left about 9:30. We were about the 10 people in line. The 3 people in front of us were very nice. The brother and sister had been in a horrific accident in August that their almost didn't survive. The brother was on life support and she lost almost 50% of her blood. Seriously living breathing miracles. He's planning on being a youth pastor. His sister was actually driving him back to Oklahoma for college when they got in the accident. Then we went in and DH grabbed the first item on our list (a racetrack that was 50% off). I couldn't find the barbie we were looking for so he got temporarily sidetracked trying to help me. I refocused him and told him I was being helped and to get the other gift. So we looked and looked but the store when they put them on the shelves almost literally hid them. So we had to make a complete mess of the area. But the store sales person was the main mess maker. They only had a few which surprised me. I even ran into my son's teacher getting the same item. But I was the first person so I grabbed mine and then handed them out to the people around me since I couldn't get out of the isle because they are so narrow. Since we had all our items we decided to look for some of the other things we planned on getting for christmas that we needed to get, but didn't know what store we were going to go to get them at (like clothes). We went to pay, which we were close to being the first in line for and to get the $15 Kohls cash we were only a few $ short so we got a couple stocking stuffers for my oldest that were at the cash register. So by this time it's after 12:30, and our next stop is Fred Meyer which doesn't open until 5am. However I'm completely awake thanks to the lattes we got on the way to Kohls. Knowing I'm going to need to get up in 2 1/2 hours to wait in line at Fred Meyers, but also knowing it's going to take me at least an hour to fall asleep we decide an hour of sleep is NOT worth going home and going to sleep. Plus we still had more shopping to do so we decided to head to Target to see what we could get and to do some comparison shopping. We ended up getting their outfits (an annual gift), a couple movies, a sweater for my oldest as well as a rice cooker for him, Faith's doll stroller, and Eli's GI Joe. Then we waited in the MASSIVE line. It really wasn't so bad time wise which surprised us since the line was HUGE. It literally wrapped around the entire store and weaved in and out of all the isles, but it only took us 30 minutes. So by this time it's 2:30 and I'm starting to get tired. DH decides we need coffee BADLY so we went home to get one since our coffee stand closed. Then we headed out to wait in line at Fred Meyers. We were again about the 10-15th person in line at the door we were at. I have to say we would have been first had we stayed at the door we were at but Fred Meyer doesn't have signs explaining all the doors will be opened at the same time so I was a bit worried standing by ourselves at the back closest to the toys. So we went around to where the other people were waiting. Again we met some very nice people. The two of the teenagers behind us was trying to get the Xbox's. One of the boys was NOT use to getting up and going but he had saved his money so he waited in line with his mom. Then we were VERY happy they opened the doors 5 minutes early and it was decided DH would race for the important toys we wanted while I got one of the small carts and then I would race for the bathroom since the mass amounts of coffee I consumed were making their presence known in my bladder and waiting any longer was NOT going to be an option. The main reason we were in such a hurry to get in the door though was because the ad said one of the toys (the legos) was in very limited supply. They LIED through their teach. They had a MASS amount and they still had a LOT left after we walked past them an hour later. But it also didn't matter that we switched doors because my DH was the VERY first person in the store. People underestimate his shortness for lack of speed. I was very happy though that we did go to that store and early because Dakota decided he wanted a pillow pet and they were $5 off (which never happens) and the one he wanted there were only 2 of. The rest were Mater, Lighting McQueen, and Disney character's. We then decided what to get his old roommate and got a couple of games (we do a game for everyone to open on Christmas Eve to play and they were buy one get one free). We then checked for the last present for Faith. They didn't have it.

So we got almost all our shopping done (minus stocking stuffers which is the purpose of a $ store) in one night, which is our goal on Black Friday every year. We go shop our brains out so we can enjoy the rest of the season with the stress of shopping behind us. We try to do gift cards for his parents since they are hard to shop for, they don't care to get anything, and that way they can enjoy something they want (i.e. a night out to eat).

So for the last gift I'm hoping someone can help me. Now I knew I should have bought this several months ago since it wasn't on sale, but I figured they would still have them. I thought they had them at Target, but the one we went to didn't have them so then I questioned if Walmart was where I found them. I went to one late yesterday but they didn't. They had this cheap outfits that were basically a t-shirt and a velcro diaper cover. She is always wanted to put diapers on her babies. I hate those small real diapers that are plastic. I didn't buy them for her since we use cloth so why would I buy her dolls them since they rip very easily (we were given some is how I know they rip easily). Does anyone know where to buy them? The only stipulations are I don't sew, I HATE buying on the internet since we are getting our credit cards paid off (2 down 1 to go even), and I'm looking for cheap.

If you made it this far here is some ice cream :icecream::icecream::icecream: