WWYD? When to tell boss about pregnancy?

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WWYD? When to tell boss about pregnancy?

Question for the Answer Box (i.e. responses from YOU!): When and how did you tell your boss that you were expecting? Is there a certain time frame that you *must* tell them by? I am fearful of losing my job due to possible layoffs already and don't want to give them any additional excuse to add my name to the chopping block.

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You need to tell them in time to cover your maternity leave. :biglaugh: If there is really a risk of potential layoffs then you can play it either way. Personally, I wouldn't say anything and hope that my job performance pulls me through. OTOH, I know someone who suffered from hyperemesis who chose to say something right away, rather than possibly be penalized for pregnancy-related absences or having someone think she was on drugs when she was vomiting in the bathroom; her manager later told her that she made it through the layoffs only because they didn't want to risk a pregnancy discrimination lawsuit.

With my first pregnancy, I told my boss when I was about 14 weeks along because he was assigning some longer-term projects and I didn't want to commit to something I couldn't finish, but I also wanted to get the CVS test results to make sure that baby was fine; he assigned me to something that wrapped up when I was 38 weeks instead of one of the projects that went on closer to a year. But then I was outed at six weeks with my second pregnancy because I didn't drink at the holiday party! Good luck to you!

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I told my work the day I had my 20 week ultrasound. I freaked out a little bit. They are fine with it totally and are excited for the baby to be here also. Every job is different. My boss is a man and he asked how long I was going to be taking off leaving it up to me how long I am gone.

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I told my boss right away with my first pregnancy - but I was dealing with severe morning sickness that I ultimately had to be hospitalized for. With my second, since I expected a similar experience and he was so supportive, I told him right away. Ultimately, he was also wonderful in dealing with my miscarriages.

I think you need to decide the type of relationship you have with your boss and your personal circumstances and make the decision right for you.

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With my first pregnancy at this job I told him around 10 weeks or so. with my 2nd pregnancy I told him right away as my first child was born early and I knew the 2nd time around to I was going to have a lot of doctor appointments

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If your pregnancy is affecting your job, I would tell. I was super sick and missed a lot and wasn't working at my normal level even when I was there. They also wanted me to be the key person on a 2 year project and I told them because I was interested but I felt I wasn't the best person for it (also Canadian so I would have taken the year mat leave)

Legally, you only need to let them know the required time before you plan to go on leave. I do know someone who successfully sued for wrongful dismissal when she was laid off at 8 months. It can be hard to prove though.