^^Check out the new features!^^

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^^Check out the new features!^^

Check out the site message above about the new features guide. They've implemented a bunch of cool things including personal member profile pages and "walls" where we can friend each other and have conversations.

At a minimum (if you have a minute!), they would love for us to update our profiles to include a picture and a short bio. You can load the same pic that you use on the boards or something different, whatever!

To start, just click on the big Egg in the left corner of any page and log in, in this box:

Once logged in, you can click the Edit tab to update your photo. On the View tab you can find a link to either visit your member page or create your member page if you haven't done that yet. On the member page you can friend other people and pages and you have a wall you can post on too...your friends will be able to see your posts.

Lastly, it would be awesome if you could "Friend" these 3 pages (just click on the blue star under their names when you go to the page. It'll bring some great content to your walls.


Thanks gals!