10 years! (OT)

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10 years! (OT)

Today is my 10 year engagement anniversary... I started working on a blog post a few days ago, and thank goodness I did because yesterday was crazy with Micah being sick. Anyway, I copied this from my blog and I hope it transfers okay. Thanks for humoring me. Al has never before or since been so romantic. I wouldn't say he's exactly tried, either. Wink

10 years ago today, Al made me the happiest girl in the world when he asked me to marry him. A few weeks ago, I was randomly searching through youtube and stumbled across what I guess is a TV show about the best proposals ever. I skimmed through a few of them, and even though my opinion is biased, they don't hold a candle to what Al did the day he proposed. Here's the story.

My friend, Rachael, had the studio next to me and we both had a few lessons to teach Saturday morning. Al had her arrange to go Christmas shopping with me after we were done teaching. When I heard a knock on the door, I thought it was her and was completely shocked to see Al's roommate, BJ, standing there. He told me Al was giving me an early Christmas present and that he didn't know anything other than that. He had a bagged lunch with him from one of my favorite places, and after we ate, he dropped me off at the spa at Loew's (fancy hotel), where I was treated to my first ever massage and a pedicure and a manicure. When they had finished pampering me, in walked our friend, Becky. She had a box of Godiva chocolates and a card from Al. She took me back to my house and gave me the most gorgeous red dress and black velvet cape (from Al). She fixed my hair and I put some make-up on, and then she drove me to Vanderbilt and we walked to a building (Calhoun) that has a little breezeway with an interesting mural on the wall.

As we were walking towards Calhoun, I could see a group of guys standing in a choir-like formation. When we got closer, I saw that they were members of Al's music fraternity and they were each holding long-stemmed red roses. They started singing Let Me Call You Sweetheart.

After they finished singing, they came up one by one and each handed me their rose.

I looked all over for Al, but he was nowhere to be found. Finally, as the last of the men handed me his rose, there he was (he had been hiding behind all the guys). He walked up and said, "So what do you say... will you marry me?"

I said YES! We were both so excited and happy. Al had brought sparkling grape juice or something like that, and did a few toasts and thanked all the guys and Becky for coming and helping make it so special. Then we called our parents and ate dinner at Ruth's Chris and walked around the Opryland Hotel (where he amended his earlier proposal and properly got down on one knee). Smile

And now... 10 years and 3 moves and 2 more degrees and 7 jobs and 3 kids and and lots of tears and laughter later, I am so blessed beyond measure by this wonderful man. Hard to believe it's been 10 years! Thanks be to God!!

This was taken at the Hermitage Hotel, prior to its renovation. We were just kidding around, but it turned out kind of cute.

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Absolutely beautiful Ruth! I remember you telling that story before and I'll never get tired of hearing it. So romantic! Happy 10 year engagement!

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happy engagement anniversary.......and many, many, many more!!!!!! that was just beautiful!!!!! so romantic, but so fitting for the "ruth and al" i've gotten to know!!!!!!!!! you two are amazing and totally meant for each other......i can tell you've had fun reminiscing......so today....enjoy each other!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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How beautiful, Ruth. It gave me goosebumps! Happy 10 year engagement anniversary!

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I didn't know that story, thanks for sharing it! Definitely a romantic (and detailed) way to propose. Stunning red dress and cape too!

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What a fun way to start my day today! Thanks and it was super cute and beautiful Ruth!

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Oh my gosh, what an awesome proposal. I love it!!!
You look so beautiful. Happy 10 year proposal!

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That is such a great proposal! I love it! You looked stunning! TFS!

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Wow. You both look like babies. Wink

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What a beautiful story. Love the dress and cape. So romantic!!!

Happy engagement anniversary!!!

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I will never get tired of hearing that story!! Happy 10 years, my friend!

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I just love this story, what a perfect proposal!

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I am in tears over here, what an amazing story!

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Oh how romantic, I love that story! He chose the dress and cape? Love that, beautiful proposal from start to finish!