2 products that i now love

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2 products that i now love

just thought i'd share....


it smells awesome!!!! runs on batteries and the kids can't get hurt...it's not breakable (meaning glass...lol...i bet they could probably figure out a way to break it) ...it automatically turns off after 4 hours....lyssa comes down in the morning and the first thing she does is hit the button...lol


these work awesome...the colors are vibrant and great....super easy cleanup......minimal mess.....washable

just thought i'd share Smile

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Ooooo cool! Joe got me some wall flower night light smelly thing from bath and body, normally I'm not too into smelly things. But I have to say, I really like it! So the point is, I would like the Yankee candle thing I think! And the water colors, yah not been digging the mess paint makes lately lol!

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I am a die hard yankee candle fan, and I will definately try that the next time I get into the store. Mnnnnnnmmmm smelly stuff, LOL.

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i have the yankee candle plug ins......love them..........right now i have sugar cookie in........my house smells great!!!!!!!

those paints look like something that would be fun on the bleachers for the kid.....for 5 bucks........one gc through swagbucks will buy that.......;) (do it roxie, do it roxie!!!!!!!) LOL!!!!

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I love yankee candle! I am going to have to see if the NEX has them next time I go.

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I want to try that Yankee candle.

The kids got that paint from my sister. It is awesome

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gonna buy the paint that is cool!

the scentlight looks very cool!

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Love Yankee candle!! Thanks Peg! We have a huge Yankee store down in Williamsburg...I'll have to make a trip soon!

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Dangit Jen....I didn't know you lived near there...we were just there a couple of months ago....that store is freaking awesome......why do I always think you live in Florida......duh