4 yr check

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4 yr check

C had his check up this morning. When I scheduled it they told me they do the kindergarten shots. Also, all the stories I heard about our blossom's check ups had me nervous but they didn't do any shots, no finger prick, nothing. He said we could but normally wait until next year. I was perfectly fine waiting so I prepped C for nothing. He said, "That wasn't too bad, Mommy!" No, it wasn't....LOL!

Anyway, he is still my little peanut but making his way up the growth chart. 33 lbs (23rd percentile), 40" tall (41st percentile) BMI 14.4. That's the highest he's made it on the growth chart yet.

All in alll thankful to have a healthy little man.

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Way to grow, little guy!! Biggrin That's going to be my boys, especially Brian - in fact, I think he's also right around 40th% for height right now. Someone said that they'll be passing up Noelle soon... I don't think so! She's always been near the top of the charts for both height/weight and the boys have been average or below average on the charts. It'll be so interesting to see if your current little bean follows big brother growing-wise or not. Smile

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sounds like it was an excellent and easy appt!!!!!!! wtg cohen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Awesome. I'm happy for C that he didn't have to get his shots

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Way to grow Cohen! Yay for no shots or a finger prick!

Jayden is still under 3% for height & weight, I'm so sick of everyone telling me he's so tiny...

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That's awesome Regan that it went so well with no shots, etc! Cohen is a healthy growing little boy, great job Momma!

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yay for a good appointment Smile