abby's birthday pics (very pic heavy!)

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abby's birthday pics (very pic heavy!)

we kinda had to do things backwards because we had a baseball game and sarah was running late with softball here goes......
the cake....made with love by me!!!

abby just being really cute and excited

the kids singing ......sarah wasn't home yet Sad but we had to get things going...

sarah came home and got to have some one on one with abby....:cool:

daddy's girls!!!!!!

and a couple of jack....;)

i think he was wondering if the hat was still on......LOL!!!!

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Awe, how sweet is that cake? I just love your family.

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Colleen, these are great!

You did a REALLY good job on the cake!! That is so cute! Maybe after 15 years of making cakes I'll get good at it too! ROFL Are those M&M flowers? Skittles? I'm curious!

Was Abby crying during the singing of Happy Bday? Looks like the bouncy ball was a huge hit!

And the caption on that last picture is hilarious. Just perfect!!!

Love them all...tfs!

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Colleen I absolutely ADORE your family! You are such an amazing mom, everyone always looks so happy! Abby looks like she was really diggin her new bouncy ball. You did such a great job on the cake too! What great pics. Happy birthday, Abby!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I was wondering the same thing. skittles was my guess.

Awesome job on the cake. Gorgeous famiy.

Did they win the game?

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great pics the daddy's girl pic!!!!! TFS...happy bday abby!!!!

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Fabu pics! I love your family too, everyone always looks so happy!! What a fantastic day to turn 3, just love it! And mmm mmm cake looks great!!! Jack is too funny!!

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i used m&m's for the rainbow and flowers.....she originally wanted me to make a pink polarbear.......but i quickly was able to manipulate her into this by breakingout a huge bag of m&m's.......she was sold!!!!!LOL!!!!

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Love the cake, love the hats...but mostly, love the SMILES!!! Your family is always smiling! It makes me want to be there.

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Love the pics-- that cake is just so cute! Looks like everyone had fun!

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awesome pics!!!! that cake looks so yummy and everyone looks so happy! happy birthday, abby!!!

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Looks like a great time. And obviously she didn't like the bouncy ball at all, lol.

Ditto on everybody looking so happy!!

Thanks for sharing!

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Great pics Colleen! The cake is so cute. Biggrin
I love seeing pics of your happy family!

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Those are great pics!

I love the cake, what a cute idea!!

And I love that last pic of cute!

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Thanks for sharing!! I *love* your family. You guys all look so genuinely happy to be sharing together. The cake came out really nice. Great idea with the flowers. Gotta show that to mom.

Abby is so beautiful and big!