After3 boys baby #4 is A........

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After3 boys baby #4 is A........

I know some of you have comment on the Aug board but for those Who didn't see the news
here it is...
Im shocked and So happy For God blessing me with a Daughter
Picture 002
> She would not show nothing but the Goods... I have to Go back For another U/S
This was the only picture we could get : (

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Yay, I just saw your FB, I`m so stinking excited for you, you must be on cloud 9 mama

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that is awesome cassandra..........when it sinks in, come back and tell us about all the pink you just bought!!!!!!!lol!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! that girl is gonna be sooo protected!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats! You must be over the moon!

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Congrats, Cassandra!!!

That is GREAT! I know you are tickled pink. Wink

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Yahoo So happy for you, Cassandra, you must be thrilled!!! What do the boys say? And your DH? He's going to have a little princess...with three body guards, lol!!

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Congrats! Having a girl is so much fun!!

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Yahoo Yay!! Congrats! Girls really are lots of fun! Biggrin

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Congrats! Yahoo

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Awww Congratulations! Your little GIRL!! Very excited for you. And I agree with Colleen, she will be very well protected Wink

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Aww so happy for you!!

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CONGRATULATIONS!!!! What a wonderful blessing!! Girls are so much fun!!! Time to start buying pink!!!

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:woohoo: for some pink.

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"MaxiMamma" wrote:

Yahoo So happy for you, Cassandra, you must be thrilled!!! What do the boys say? And your DH? He's going to have a little princess...with three body guards, lol!!

My Dh always had his fears about raising a girl.. To the point he didn't want 1.
He is happy he is just not showing it like I am. I know once she is here that will change and she will be his little Girl . My 5year old walks in from school and says I knew it i already Knew it,, LOL :rolleyes:

Chris Jr and Coby Have not a Clue whats Going on.

I bought a few things... ill take pictures and post .. Im so over joyed ladies.. This is such a big deal for me.

thanks for all the congrats

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Congratulations!!!! Smile Girls are fabulous.

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Congratulations on baby girl!!! So exciting!

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