Aidan Daniel's Birth Story!

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Aidan Daniel's Birth Story!

Adian Daniel
Born: September 28th, 3:52am
Weight: 5 Pounds, 6 ounces
Height: 19 inches

Tuesday, the 27th, started out as an average day for us. The morning was normal and uneventful. The girls got up. We had breakfast. Then we did a bit of homeschool. At around 11 we left for Albuquerque (we live about 40) minutes from the edge of the city. A friend of mine was having a birthday party for her 3 year old, and my kiddos were of course thrilled to be going. The party started at 12. It was a very relaxed gathering. We had lunch and cake, and then the presents were opened. We took off at 1:30 because I had my 38 week appointment at the birth center at 2, and that was an hour away. We arrived promptly at 2. Everything was normal at the appointment. My BP was good, baby's heart rate was good. Then she measured me... I was measuring 32. I had been a 34 the week before (at 37 weeks). Now, the reality is that I ALWAYS measure small with my pregnancies. I've been as much as 5 weeks small and still give birth to 7 and 8 pound babies at 39 weeks, SO... we decided he had likely just dropped and felt he was probably about the same size as my other babies. It just so happened that my DH was suppose to be home early from work and he had the next day off (which basically NEVER happens), so I asked her to strip my membranes if things looked favorable. She checked me and I was at 3 cm, but still thick, maybe only 10% effaced. Also his head was about -1 station, and still had plenty of space to move down. Usually at this point I have been farther along. She said it looked like it would easily be another week at least, and she could still strip my membranes, but fully expected to see me the following week. I said, to go ahead and strip them, and it was fine whatever ended up happening. So, I went home a bit disappointed, as I had hoped to be a bit more progressed.

We got home around 3:30, and DH arrived home shortly after. We actually had an appointment to meet with our realtor about finalizing an offer on a house we are trying to buy at 5:30 (at our house). The realtor stopped by, and we found out that our offer had been accepted!! She walked out the door and 5 minutes later I started having contractions (baby got excited to know he had a house to live in). I fully expected the contractions to die out based on what the midwife had said earlier. Well after an hour they were still coming at a nice steady pace. They were about 4 minutes apart, and had some intensity to them. they kept coming. At around 8 I wondered if maybe it would lead to the real thing. At 9 I called the neighbor who would watch the kids while we were at the birth center. She came right over. At 9:15 I called the midwife and told her we were coming into town, and we thought this was it. The contractions were still about 4 minutes apart. Usually I don't leave to the birth until I can no longer walk and talk through the contractions. Well, I still could, but barely, and since this was my 5th birth (with some fast previous labors) and an hour drive to the birth center we decided we had better leave.

We got to the birth center at around 10:30, and actually just as we walked in the door my contractions started easing up. I couldn't believe it as they had been fairly strong. Well she checked me and I was at a 5. Obviously something was going on, since I had been a 3 earlier in the day. After she checked me things starting picking up again and we went outside to walk. Still the contractions didn't take my breath away, but still had quite an intensity to them. At around midnight I had to start concentrating a bit more to get through them. Then, about a half hour later, much to my astonishment the contractions STOPPED! Just completely stopped. Again, I was somewhat shocked as they really had been strong. She checked me and I was close to an 8. So, there I was at 8 cm, but the contractions were gone. The midwife told me to get walking!! So, after about 10 minutes of walking they started back up again and were as strong as ever. The contractions continued to come about every 3-4 minutes if I was up walking, but if I laid down flat I could actually get them to stop completely!! It was WEIRD!!! I have never experienced a labor like this. I must admit that when the contractions hit they were STRONG, so I did use the laying down thing quite a bit to my advantage to get some longer breaks between contractions. Still I knew things had to keep progressing, so after awhile I figured maybe it would help if she just broke my water. So, I think it was maybe around 2:30, or possibly close to 3 that she broke my water. She said that I had effaced quite a bit at that point, and as she broke my water she could feel his head move down some more. The contractions did get just a bit more intense after my water was broken, and I was getting tired. Finally at around 3:15 I decided to just get in the zone and get him out! Up until that point I had been happily laughing and talking with my hubby and the midwife. In fact, it was just minutes before this that we had finally decided on a name for our baby boy.

I got up on the bed and rested up against the pillow. I was slightly reclined, but still a bit upright. I didn't want to sit up too far, or the pain of the contractions was too much to deal with. I just laid back and closed my eyes. As each contraction hit (they were about 2 minutes apart now), I would just take long deep breaths and blow them out hard to get through them. At some point (maybe about 10 minutes before he was born) I started screaming a bit with the contractions. I could tell his head was moving down. Finally a contraction hit and my body just took over. I started screaming and the next thing we knew Aidan just flew out onto the bed. He literally shot out like a rocket. Forget about crowning, forget about the head coming first and then the body. There he was! We were all just sitting there in complete amazement. Then we all looked and realized he was TINY.

They put him on my chest right away, and he was just as perfect looking as could be. There was a bit of trouble with my placenta detaching (I've always had placenta issues... they take a while to come out). Finally it was out. Aidan didn't take too long to latch on and start nursing. We snuggled in the bed for a couple hours, and then the midwife asked if we would like to get in the tub and get cleaned up. It was SOOOO nice to get in their nice, HUGE tub with my brand new baby boy. Aidan instantly curled up on my chest and went right to sleep. So, we got cleaned up, and finally it was time to get his measurements. We knew he was small, but were very surprised that he wasn't even 6 pounds. Anyway, she checked him out and he seemed perfectly healthy in every way. At 9am we left the birth center and headed home!

I really thought at first that maybe he was a bit of a preemie because he was so small, but that isn't the case at all. His finger nails are long. He has eyelashes. He nurses great, and he has very awake/alert times throughout the day. He is very laid back and is just as sweet a baby as can be.

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what a fantastic birth, laurie!!!!!! too funny how he just shot right out.....that was my 4th baby....LOL...i actually had to push with baby #5!!!! LOL.......thank you so much for sharing!!!! what a gorgeous, sweet, baby boy!!!! i hope your all doing fantastic in this 1st week as a family of 7!!!!!!! and congratulations on the new house!!!! what a very exciting day!!!!!

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I can never wait to read your birthstories. Completely amazing. What a fabulous birthing woman you are. WOW. Great job, momma. Aidan is just beautiful. I'm so very happy for you. Good luck with the move.

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Wow, what an awesome birth story!! How funny that he shot right out!
Congratulations! He is perfect. Biggrin

Oh and I love tiny babies, Jayden was 5 pounds, 9 ounces. Biggrin

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Wonderful birth story Laurie!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

And a side note, I didn't know you moved to NM! Did you post about that and I missed it?

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What a fantastic birth story! You were just made for birthing babies. :love1: And I'm with Ali, I just adore the tiny babies. It's amazing knowing they can be so itty bitty but so perfect.

Hope the move goes smoothly. Can't wait to see pics of your brood in the new place!

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What a beautiful story, TFS! It's amazing how the timing worked out perfectly, husband planned to be home, just bought a new house, couldn't have been more perfect! He's beautiful Laurie! Congrats on everything, the beautiful baby boy and the new house to move into!!!!

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What a wonderful story. TFS! Congratulations again on your baby boy!!!!

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Tiny, but perfect! Congratulations again - and also on the house situation, I had no idea!

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So sweet Smile

I loved the part when you got in the tub and he curled up and slept on you.. awesome story!

congrats your tiny but handsome little boy!

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Wow Laurie! What a fantastic and smooth birth story you had! I am amazed! And he looks so adorable!!

Congrats again!

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Amazing story, your birth stories make me happy too. Smile He is such a sweet little peanut, what a treasure for your family! Congrats, you are a supermama!

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Congrats! What an adorable, perfect little peanut!

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Glad to hear he is so laid back.....those are the best babies....LOL

Amazing he just shot right out.....